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Thank you for visiting our website. The purpose of this site is not just to be informative but to provide you with Christian materials and Spirit led, Bible based articles that would enrich your Christian life. My prayer is that you would be blessed as you surf through this site . We are greatly delighted to offer you links to spiritually edifying resources with a special emphasis on Missions. Its our joy to invite you to worship with us if you ever visit this city or live in and around Edmonton.

Humbly in His service
Anison Samuel

Word for the week

God is Giving Us The City:

The Man, The Move & The Miracle


The City: Acts 12:10 

This is not by might, not by power but by a supernatural opening into the city that God is about to accomplish. You and your family were protected and preserved for the sole reason that you are going to be part of the move that God has planned for this city! God froze the enemy of your life because very soon, you will have a ministry in this city and be witness to a citywide revival and move of God. You have been chosen for something very big! The angel did not disappear but instead walked Peter out of the gate. This time, when God opens the door, you will not be attacked from behind. You will be protected until you reach God’s intended place. 


The Man : 1 Samuel 9:5-9

When God sends a revival to a city, His appointed prophets and ministers will not only 

be established, they will have divine rapport so that people who have lost their way, will know where to go. Every church or ministry that is truly anointed with the gifting of the Holy Ghost will not remain hidden. In the next few days, people will come to some of you and say ‘I am lost. People will come because they will know there is a God who is working, moving, healing and speaking. 


The Miracle: Mark 1:30-34 

Genuine healings do not have to be publicized by the church. People will come when their families and neighbours cannot deny that the city has been touched by the power of God. Healings can bring the city to Jesus! 


The Move: Acts 8:7-9

Only a move of the Holy Spirit can bring joy to a city. The powers of darkness will be replaced by the power of the Holy Spirit. Everyone held spellbound by demonic powers will come out of their bondage in the name of Jesus! 


This city will not throw you out but will be a place where you can prosper in the name of Jesus!



- Pastor Anison Samuel

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