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Pastor Daince Kurian
Associate Pastor
Ph: (780) 469 4421

Daince Kurian was raised in a MarThoma Syrian Christian family. His family lived in Singapore, India and finally moved to Edmonton, Canada about 23 years ago. The family went through the born again experience after a miraculous healing that happened to his sister when he was a teenager. However, Daince had to go through a personal struggle to finally surrender his life to God to experience restoration, forgiveness and grace. With the help of several key people that God had crucially placed in his life, he was able to move forward and remains truly indebted to God for their kindness and sacrifices.

After completing his MA in Psychology, Daince worked as an Addictions Counselor and Associate Coordinator for SAHARA House Rehabilitation Center in New Delhi for two and a half years. In Canada, he worked as a Rehabilitation worker for several years until a specific calling to go into ministry. He graduated with a Masters in Theological Studies from Taylor University, Edmonton in 2000, and was one of the founding members of the Zion Church.

He functioned as full time pastor in Zion for two years and was ordained in Zion Church in 2002. He then continued his education and training in Pastoral Counseling(Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and Education, CAPPE )and became an associate pastor for the Zion Church. In the meantime he also has a private practice for counseling for individuals and families.

Daince took on a position as a full time Chaplain at a mental health hospital (Alberta Hospital Edmonton) in 2005 and continues to be active in the ministries that God has entrusted him with in the hospital, the community and the Zion Church. He is also a Board Member and the Worship Pastor for ZAMIE. Daince is married to Shyla and has two children Daniel and George.