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Humbly in His service
Anison Samuel

Word for the week

Blessing By Association

If there is one word in the Bible that stands for ‘association’, it’s ‘Hebron’ whose very meaning is association, league and alliance. It was in Hebron that the tribes of Israel united to make David their king, according to the word of God which was spoken by ‘the prophet’. We notice that the first person who dwelt in Hebron was Abraham. This same place is where Lot left. Association is always preceded by people leaving .


In Hebron, Abraham made alliances. As mentioned before, the very meaning of the word ‘Hebron’ means ‘alliance’. The man who left was taken away by the enemy but the one who stayed (according to the word of God) built an altar and became instrumental in the ensuing victory. 318 people who were born into his home were established as mighty warriors in Hebron who chased kings and brought restoration. 


The blessings of inheritance are for those who cross over. The Lord is telling us that everyone in Hebron will get to a place, where they cross over. The Promise Land is for those who cross over. You will cross over into a new destiny, anointing, promise and gifts of the Holy Ghost. Hebron is about crossing over! Sometimes, blessings are simply connected to associations. You don’t have to do much but remain in the same tent with a full heart . 


- Pastor Anison Samuel

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