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Thank you for visiting our website. The purpose of this site is not just to be informative but to provide you with Christian materials and Spirit led, Bible based articles that would enrich your Christian life. My prayer is that you would be blessed as you surf through this site . We are greatly delighted to offer you links to spiritually edifying resources with a special emphasis on Missions. Its our joy to invite you to worship with us if you ever visit this city or live in and around Edmonton.

Humbly in His service
Anison Samuel

Word for the week

The Lord Goes Before You - Crossing Over


God repeatedly spoke to Moses, saying, ‘You will have to cross over and I will cross over before you”. ‘Crossing over’ is not just going through a river and to another place; instead it is a marked shift when a person moves into something inherently different. Instead of a minor adjustment, it indicates something brand new. The word ‘cross over’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘avare’ from which we get the word ‘ivri’. The word ‘ivri’ is translated as ‘Hebrew’. Therefore, a Hebrew is someone who crossed over the river Euphrates (someone who crossed over). For this reason, the first person to be called a Hebrew was Abraham who left his country, kindred and father’s house to go to a place he had never seen before. Crossing over is not making a new resolution; it means completely leaving something behind to move into something brand new. 


There are two choices: We can either settle with the blessings of God that we have or decide to crossover. When we crossover, it’s not just about us. We are going to have a role in the future move of the Holy Spirit. God is calling the church to cross over! If you are willing to stand for your destiny, God is willing to make your children a part of this move of God. The moment, we settle for less, we lose our children. The Lord will cross over and destroy the enemies of those who are willing to cross over. There will be sudden interventions. Obstacles that were standing before you for generations will be neutralized by the power of the Holy Spirit because the Lord is going before you as a consuming fire. God will immobilize your enemies. 


- Pastor Anison Samuel

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